Brand & marketing strategies to superpower your business

We help you craft effective sales campaigns while building lasting brand loyalty

Solid brand and marketing strategies are the compasses that guide your business.

They carve out your goals, as well as keeping your brand on track while helping it stay memorable. Brand and marketing strategies are two sides of the same coin: short-term campaigns are balanced with building long-term brand equity.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

– Benjamin Franklin

Our approach is insights-based

By combining your data with our insights, we help you understand how your goals and audience needs can be brought together in an effective strategy that delivers results.

Win new business

A good marketing strategy helps you obtain and nurture leads

Plan for the future

Lay out milestones and KPIs to keep you on course

Build long-term loyalty

Grow a brand that customers trust and return to

Take advantage of all channels

A multi-channel approach maximises your assets and reaches more of your audience

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Our Work

To help the launch be as effective and efficient as possible, we created a 6-month marketing plan, complete with an integrated outreach campaign, plus ongoing SEO and
content strategies.

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  • The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency
  • The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency
  • The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency
  • The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency

What we’re good at

Watertight strategies

Data-informed insights drives our brand and marketing strategies

Solving business problems

Working with you to find solutions that fit your needs


From copy to graphics, building brand loyalty that lasts

Integrated marketing

Whether advising or implementing, we work with you flexibly


Brand & marketing strategy – why the two must co-exist

While branding and marketing are often mentioned in the same breath, there are fundamental differences between the two.

Branding is the essence of your business. It’s how your brand looks and feels, how it engages with people, and why it keeps customers coming back. A branding strategy often begins with really getting to know your business. You may define, for example, key principles and values, a mission statement, a USP, and how you communicate. Branding is a long-term investment: putting it at the centre of your marketing efforts ensures customers know what to expect when they come to you.

Marketing generally describes the tools and channels you use to promote your brand. SEO, content marketing, video marketing, radio, TV, and pay per click are all under the umbrella of marketing.

Marketing campaigns may be short term (e.g. a seasonal offer) or long term (a year-long content series). Campaigns can use a mixture of tones, mediums and assets. Branding is at the heart of marketing, which is why it must come first. While your marketing efforts will vary according to your market, seasons and trends, branding needs to tie all of it together. However, it’s extremely important to craft branding and marketing strategies in tandem. Sure, investing in a short-term campaign – like a price promotion – will drive sales, but developing long-term brand loyalty is what will keep customers coming back. The two are absolutely intertwined.

Brand and marketing rocket

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