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Drive results with a comprehensive social strategy

When used effectively, social media is one of the most cost-effective methods of reaching your target audience at scale.

If your customers are regular social users, it’s likely that you’ll already have considered it in your marketing mix. Perhaps you’ve tried and tested social media without achieving the results you expected? Many businesses find themselves with not enough resources, time or expertise, to really get it right. Social media advertising is a real skill. That’s where we come in.

Our approach begins with identifying how social media should feature in your integrated marketing strategy. From there, we don’t just apply a template. We take a customised approach to understanding your environment, strategising, building creative, and implementing and optimising your campaign. We’ll help you find the right people on the right social channels and use creative messaging to cut through the noise. We’ll align your social media plan with your existing integrated marketing strategy to ensure that your marketing messaging has a consistent brand voice tailored for the social channel and audience you’re targeting.

Our applied expertise, experience and intelligence can increase your audience reach, brand awareness, engagement, leads, clicks and sales – ultimately boosting your results and ROI from social media.

Globally, over 3.6 billion people use social media and the number is projected to increase to 4.41 billion in 2025.1

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How we work

We’ll review what you have tried to date, look at your data and generate insights to inform your social media strategy.

Upon reviewing your data we create a performance model against which to measure and track your campaign.

Our custom-fit approach will ensure your campaign is of high quality and on-brand and leads to improved results from your social media marketing.

We’re up for a challenge!
Let us outperform your current campaigns.

Contact us to set the challenge! Or if you want to know if social media will work for you, complete our discovery form so we can give you a thoughtful answer. We’ll advise you which channels to leverage to get the best results for your audience.

Marketing your business on social media?

Whether you’re a startup or a multinational, there are many smart ways to use social media. We’ll help you gather data from audience research to increase your site traffic and engagement. Then, we’ll help you increase your online presence, supercharge your results, and help you outshine your competitors. Importantly, we’ll ensure that your marketing efforts create a seamless, integrated experience across multiple channels. Our expert advice will help you cut through the noise and get ahead.

83% of B2B marketers use paid social media and 29% of them rank paid social media ads as the best channel to distribute their content.2


  • What is social media marketing?

    Social media marketing leverages channels to promote businesses, products or services on social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.,). A mix of organic ads (free) or paid ads can be adopted to communicate your message to your desired target audience. Each brand will have a different goal, whether it’s to increase:

    • brand awareness
    • lead generation
    • sales
    • third party endorsement
    • customer advocacy
    • two-way engagement
    • feedback loops
    • or something else!

  • How does social media marketing work?

    Brands often come to us with one question: how do I know that my social media is working? We can evaluate your progress by actively tracking and monitoring your social media results using specialist analytic programs. We will then optimise your social media campaigns based on these insights and keep you up-to-date along the way. These efforts will have a positive knock-on effect on your future social media campaigns.

  • How do I measure my social media efforts?

    • Website Traffic
    • Brand awareness
    • Audience growth
    • Audience engagement
    • Conversion rate (sales, subscribers, downloads)
    • Many more!

  • Do I need a marketing agency to do my social media marketing?

    Most businesses are already on social, however, they struggle to identify what is and isn’t working. They may have achieved some good results and now feel like they’ve hit a ceiling in their growth. Whether it’s due to limited expertise or scale, brands need guidance on getting to the next level. Others won’t have the time in their busy schedules to implement a comprehensive social strategy. That’s where we come in. At The Walk, we can create impactful social media campaigns that work within your budget. We’ll ensure your social strategy is in place to track your progress across all key performance metrics and improve your future performance to get you results.

  • What social media platforms should I use?

    The social media you decide to use should be guided by your audience:

    • Where is your audience spending the most time?
    • What kind of social content are they engaging with?
    • How are they using social media?

    From there, we’ll pinpoint which channels are most applicable to your audience and identify what kinds of content will resonate with them. For example, if you’re marketing a B2B training resource, LinkedIn will likely play a role in your social media strategy.

  • How much does social media marketing cost?

    Social media costs are dependent on whether you opt for paid or organic social media advertising, the total number of social platforms you use, and the frequency of the content you post. Social marketing can be one of the most cost-effective methods used to market your brand on a global scale – you just need the right expert guidance.

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Our work

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We’re up for a challenge!
Let us outperform your current campaigns.

Contact us to set the challenge! Or if you want to know if social will work for you, fill in our discovery form so we can give you an informed response. We’ll advise you which channels to leverage to get the best results for your audience.

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